About My Place With Jesus

Dear Parents,

Welcome! We are so happy that you and your child have decided to visit us here at My Place With Jesus.

My Place With Jesus is a site designed to assist children in developing a personal relationship with Jesus through Bible studies, stories, activities, and so much more.

My Place With Jesus is a ministry of It Is Written that has been preaching the message of God’s love on television since 1956.  This website is always free of any fees or charges.  It is open to all children of an age, nationality, or religion.


My Place With Jesus began in 2008 as a series of internet-based, interactive Bible studies just for kids between the ages of 7 and 12. However, with help from an adult, children much younger will also benefit and enjoy the lessons. The participant will learn the basic themes of the Christian faith, making these lessons a valuable resource for the entire family.

Please rest assured that My Place With Jesus is a safe place for your child to visit. We have taken great pains to collect as little information as possible—and no personal identifying information—from your child online.  We encourage you to read our full Privacy Policy.


In some cases, you may choose to correspond with us through email providing personal information in response to specific requests.  If you do choose to correspond with us, be assured that we do not sell or give any personal information to anyone for any purpose.

Thank you so much for stopping by and we pray that you will enjoy this journey as much as your child will.


– Melissa Bradshaw

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